Sunday, May 31, 2009

2009 BMW 335d - Revisted

Was lucky enough to have a BMW 335d available this weekend. I know we already spoke about this car, but it was worthy of a supplement write up because we love diesel so much. The car was unchanged, so everything in the previous article still stands. However, having more time behind the wheel reminds us why we love this car so much. It is still a 3 series and drives as it should.

The diesel power plant is still as wonderful as ever and acceleration between 60-80mph is just intoxicating when you have 425ft-lbs of torque on tap. Most of the time spent driving the car was just spent pushing the go pedal down to feel the wave of torque plant you in the seat. With all of the shenanigans that took place during our revisit to this car, it was still able to achieve a whopping 26 miles per gallon. I have no doubt that with civilized driving, reaching the claimed 36 miles per gallon would be possible.

Now that is the best compromise... give up a little bit of throttle response to turn a thirsty car into a long hauler and it still drives and handles like a BMW should.