Tuesday, August 9, 2005

2005 Ford Freestar

After about 900 miles of driving... I learned that I will NEVER buy one of these and will do my absolute best to avoid driving one ever again. What a horrible vehicle. Granted, it has seating for 7 possibly 8... but that's only really useful if your familiy is the equivalent of it's own soccer team. Now you may ask, what is so terrible wrong with this vehicle? For starters, and this is a big big issue. The damn thing has no brakes! It is like driving a tractor trailor when it comes to stopping. Stopping distances require that you look into the next zip code to see traffic conditions and be wary if a panic stop must be initiated. Pushes of the brake pedal really do not slow the vehicle down, they more just attempt to change direction of the vehicle from a straight to verticle as if the vehicle was trying to drive underground with the massive nose dive.

Next negative issue ... while it just manage to have a decent amount of low end torque (I'm guessing to motivate the soccer team from stop lights), the power required to achieve anything over a snails pace is just not there. Highway cruising speed around here is 70, achiving anything over that requires a clear length of road that could double as a runway for a 747.

Well, it's a minivan, so we won't even bother to examine the lack of handling... next section.

As for comfort... the drivers chair is the only one I really sat in, but it's is like sitting on carboard ontop of a piece of granite semi molded towards the shape of your body. The headrest are nonadjustable, so if you head does not fit that particular curvature... you're out of luck. The support is pretty much non existant. You've have a better ride is you took out the drivers seat and replaced it with an upside down painters bucket.

The radio... well, it works. That's an upside, but controlling it while simple... leaves much to the imagination when it comes to quality. I guess, they made it that way so that if you crank it up you can hopefully drown out that soccer team with noise (it really wouldn't be music, just noise).

After my time behind the wheel... I don't think I'll every drive one of these things again. I can only hope their Japanese equivalents have much much more thought put into them or else the soccer mom era will soon be doomed to oblivion since the only thing left for these things to do is spontaneously combust to be any worse.

EDIT: By the way... the cupholders suck!